The main idea behind the 52 Cards Experiment is to create lasting change through habit formation. BUT. This is hard.  Changing up your life can create a lot of stress because you have to think about it.  Normally, most of our daily habits are on autopilot and require zero thought.  So, for new changes to last, you have to deal with the mental stress of an action that is not on autopilot, at least long enough for it to become a habit that can be done automatically….Continue Reading “100+ Glorious Ideas For Incremental Life Improvements”

Food The same foods have a variety of names in Singapore due to the three main cultures in residence:  Chinese, Malay, and Indian. A vegetable you are looking for may have several names. Thank goodness for smartphones; you can show a photo to a store clerk to ask its location. Grocery stores in Singapore stock so many wonderful types of produce. There is incredible variety in the wet markets, especially the large markets, like Tekka Market in Little India, which are located in the public…Continue Reading “Things To Know About Singapore Before You Move There”

Progress Charting for Week 1: The Day Before:  Okay!  So I embark on this journey tomorrow. I am EXTREMELY excited. And very hopeful. I have been crabby for a very long time, and I truly think that these small changes I am going to make in my life this year will become habits that will great improve my outlook on life, along with my self-esteem. I believe these improvements will make me a better mother, which is my ultimate goal in all of this. I…Continue Reading “Card 1: Make your bed look pretty every day.”

To remind you, the basic premise behind the 52 Cards Experiment is this: Get a deck of cards. Write one tiny, incremental, bit of life change on each card. Draw one new card each week and focus intensely for that week on trying to make that one, tiny change. Daily (or as often as you have time) flip through the cards from the past weeks and see if you are keeping up with those previous changes. Or fill in the 52-cards-checklist-form so you can tick a box…Continue Reading “Let’s Get Started”

These are a group of interactive math stories that run as a PowerPoint show.  They do not work on mobile devices, only on computers/laptops.  Just click on the link in parentheses to download.  I only just started doing this to help my child review concepts from school, so the first few weeks of the year are currently missing.  Hopefully I will find time to do those as well.  Be aware, I am an American math teacher, so some vocabulary (and the accent) will differ.  LOL…Continue Reading “Little Interactive Math Stories for Year 1 British Curriculum”

Written on September 16, 2016. We have now spent two nights in our new home in Dubai.  We are (mostly) happy and (very) relieved to be at this point in our move.  The kids were off school all this week for the Eid holiday, which has made the progress of organizing our belongings very slow.  With all the hiccups we had with the move-in process, I am truly glad they did not have school.  It would have been quite stressful to get them out the…Continue Reading “House Hunting Internationally: Dubai Edition”

Written August 10, 2016 I have a very big problem. We have been living in Dubai in temporary housing for about three weeks now, and I am down to my last kopi packet.  Coffee is called kopi in Singapore, and it is lovely.  It is made with sweetened condensed milk.  My usual kopi order was kopi c peng siew dai, which means iced coffee with evaporated milk and less sugar (click here to find your kopi order). You can get kopi in every food center…Continue Reading “The Last Kopi”

So. Let’s talk about moving-related tears, at least for me. It seems I have a requisite number of tears I must shed every week. Sometimes they are shed all on one afternoon at a particularly crowded grocery store; sometimes they are spread over a week. They are 100% due to stress. This happened on my move to Singapore, and it is happening now. I cannot remember if I was this way when I did a suburb-to-suburb move while in Chicagoland, but back then I was…Continue Reading “The Requisite Number Of Tears: The Hidden Stress Of Moving”

Here is a timeline of what my move from Singapore to Dubai was like, from my own point of view (obviously).  (And yes, my resting stress level is about 50%. I know, I know, I know, I need to meditate, but I am stressed about having to meditate.  I am working on that). Day Occurrence My Neurotic Inner Monologue Stress Level 1 Company reaches out to hubs on Linked In. Hubs says probably won’t go for it. Okay, that’s neat. 50% 4 Random company convinces hubs to interview…Continue Reading “Our Move To Dubai: A Timeline”